Getting Started with Enterprise Architecture


Getting Started with Enterprise Architecture: a practical and pragmatic approach to learning the basics of Enterprise Architecture.

Implement a basic Enterprise Architecture from start to finish using a four stage wheel-based approach. Aided by real-world examples, this book shows what elements are needed for the initial implementation of a fundamental Enterprise Architecture.

Enterprise Architecture is considered a strategic business management tool, not a technical instrument.

The book’s pragmatic approach keeps existing architecture frameworks and methodologies in mind while providing instructions that are readable and applicable to all. The Enterprise Architecture Implementation Wheel builds on the methodology of existing architecture frameworks and allows you to apply the theory more pragmatically and closer to the reality that an architect encounters in daily practice.

While the main focus of the book is the actual steps taken to design an Enterprise Architecture, other important topics include architecture origin, definition, domains, visualization, and roles. Getting Started with Enterprise Architecture is the ideal handbook for the architect who is asked to implement an Enterprise Architecture in an existing organization.

You will

  • Identify a company’s needs and develop an appropriate strategy to satisfy those needs.
  • Implement measurable goals and objectives for a baseline architecture.
  • Create meaningful catalogues, diagrams, and maps to communicate the architecture to an organization.
  • Measure the progress of implementing the architecture.

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Getting Started with Enterprise Architecture
Getting Started with Enterprise Architecture
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