Enterprise Architecture Implementation Wheel

Stage one: Document

Stage one: Document, is the first stage of the Enterprise Architecture Implementation Wheel.

This stage consists of two steps, Information and Stakeholders.

Stage one: Document
Stage one: Document

The first step is used to capture and document the elements of interest to the organization to arrive at a basic Enterprise Architecture. These elements are located in all architecture domains (Business, Information, Application and Technology Architecture).

The second step is to identify and understand the needs, interests, expectations (the stakeholder concerns), and communication preferences of the various stakeholders. Classifying and mapping key stakeholders and creating a communication plan are essential key items.

Steps of stage one: Document

The first step is about capturing key information about the organization. This is done by creating catalogs, matrices, diagrams, and maps.

The step consists of the following key focus areas:

  • Organization
  • Processes
  • Concepts
  • Applications
  • Technology

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More information about this step and the proposed deliverables can be found in Chapter 8, Section 8.2.1, of my book.