Enterprise Architecture Implementation Wheel

Stage four: Control

Stage four: Control, is the fourth and final stage of the Enterprise Architecture Implementation Wheel.

This stage consists of one step, Measure progress.

Stage four: Control
Stage four: Control

The purpose of this step is to provide insight into the progress of the Enterprise Architecture implementation. In an organization where the Enterprise Architecture is mature, the focus is on making progress measurable in terms of achieving business goals and objectives.

The initiatives and activities to be carried out (as defined in stage two, and executed in stage three) are monitored and made measurable. To this end, a number of measurement tools and techniques are provided that can be used to visualize progress.

Steps of stage four: Control

Stage four explains how to visualize the progress of the realization of the organizational goals and objectives, including its initiatives and activities.

The step consists of the following key focus area:

  • Objectives

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More information about this step and the proposed deliverables can be found in Chapter 8, Section 8.5.1, of my book.