Enterprise Architecture Implementation Wheel

Stage three: Execute

Stage three: Execute, is the third stage of the Enterprise Architecture Implementation Wheel.

This stage consists of two steps, Strategy and Roadmap.

Stage three: Execute
Stage three: Execute

The first step explains how to achieve an execution of the strategy defined in the previous stage. It takes into account the previously established objectives and initiatives.

The second step consists of identifying and shaping the initiatives to be implemented. These initiatives are visually represented in the roadmap and plotted over time. The roadmap is based on the objectives to be achieved combined with the related initiatives and activities.

Steps of stage three: Execute

The first step is to create an overview that shows the translation of strategy to execution. This is often done in a spreadsheet format.

The step consists of the following key focus areas:

  • Objectives
  • Initiatives

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More information about this step and the proposed deliverables can be found in Chapter 8, Section 8.4.1, of my book.