Getting Started with Enterprise Architecture


This page contains downloadable media. The first part is devoted to the artwork of the book and the second part consists of links to the webinars I have conducted.

Book artwork

In this section you will find the artwork for the book, which contains only the images that I have created myself. When using the images, make sure to credit the book with the following reference: © Apress 2023, E. Jager: Getting Started with Enterprise Architecture.

Chapter 4: Architecture Domains

Chapter 5: Architecture Roles

Chapter 6: Architecture Visualization

Chapter 7: Architecture Positioning

Chapter 8: Architecture Implementation

Chapter 10: Architecture Application

Example Information Map

Example Maturity Model

Example Work Package View


Below you can find the podcasts I recorded over time. You are welcome to watch and listen to them.


Here are the webinars I have conducted. Feel free to watch them.

Becoming a Master Architect

Recorded: March 30th, 2023

Media: webinar 'Becoming a Master Architect'

Making sense of strategy

Recorded: September 22nd, 2022

Media: webinar 'Making sense of strategy'