Enterprise Architecture Implementation Wheel

Step one: Maturity

One of the first things an architect should determine is the maturity level of the organization he or she is working for. This will help shape the approach to putting working with architecture on the map and evolving it. Introducing working with architecture is a complex and time-consuming matter. An organization is accustomed to doing things a certain way. It is then difficult (but certainly not impossible) to change what is ingrained in the system and culture of the organization. It requires a long breath. But when the first changes become visible, it gives new energy to continue on the chosen path.

Step one: Maturity
Step one: Maturity

Maturity level

Not every organization is able (or rather, wants) to describe its current level of architectural thinking. The same can be said for an organization that expresses its capacity in dealing with architecture. This probably has something to do with not wanting to be seen as an organization that hasn’t gone far enough in putting architecture on the map.

More often than not, an organization doesn’t want to be seen as the one that can’t get to a minimum level of structured work. Organizations are often vague when asked about their level of structured working. However, it is important to determine the level of architectural thinking. This will allow the organization to grow. What is useful in these cases is the introduction of a maturity model. Such a model allows the organization to start the conversation about its maturity using clearly defined levels. These levels guide the organization from one level to the next.

Maturity model

The purpose of an Enterprise Architecture Maturity Model is to help organizations improve the implementation and execution of Enterprise Architecture and become more mature. It is also used to understand which areas need improvement. By understanding the organization’s maturity level, the organization can make targeted improvements to the implementation of Enterprise Architecture to achieve better business results.

Architecture deliverables

The following architecture deliverable should be created during the first step of the second stage of the Implementation Wheel.