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Stakeholder Map

Another useful tool for stakeholder management is the creation of a Stakeholder Map. This map contains not only the stakeholders and their classification, but also the key concerns of the stakeholders. A final part of the architecture deliverable is a reference to the different catalogs, matrices, diagrams and maps that may be needed for a specific (group of) stakeholder(s).

The classification of the stakeholders can be taken from the Stakeholder Analysis Model.

Stakeholder Map
Stakeholder Map

Stakeholder management is a critical part of developing Enterprise Architecture and therefore one of the key success factors. Completing the map shown above provides an important source document that can be used frequently. The stakeholders listed in the map need to be approached and informed appropriately. A Communications Plan is used for this purpose.

More information

For additional information about creating a Stakeholder Map, please refer to Chapter 8, Section, of my book Getting Started with Enterprise Architecture.

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